#StayHome and help save lives #WithMe

Staying home right now isn’t just about keeping you and your family safe—it’s about helping to save the lives of others. But, just because we’re apart, doesn’t mean we can’t do things together. Please #StayHome and help save lives #WithMe. Let’s do this together.

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Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Staying inside saves lives.
Stay home.
Please stay home.
Stay home.
Stay home.
We're going to have to get creative in here.
I really think togetherness is the super power of our species.
Let's do it together. We will keep each other company.
I want you to meditate with me.
Come yoga with me.
Each day can be a different thing.
Hi, guys. Welcome back to another studying video.
Now there's some rock and roll.
I want you guys to stay home and cook with me.
This is the one you want to get.
I love reading what you guys are up to.
And I'm real into it.
Why not turn on the camera? Do it as a group. Do it together.
And make some comfort food because we all need that right now.
You can slow the growth of this and save lives.

Written Text

#StayHome and help save lives
But even when we're apart there a million things we can do together.
Paint #WithMe
Meditate #WithMe
Get ready #WithMe
Jam #WithMe
Yoga #WithMe
Dad #WithMe
Journal #WithMe
Craft #WithMe
Study #WithMe
Weave #WithMe
Play #WithMe
Hang out #WithMe
Game #WithMe
Dance #WithMe
Sign #WithMe
Eat #WithMe
Cook #WithMe
Stay home Save Lives

#StayHome #WithMe #StayHomeWithMe
Cooking with ___ Red

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