Thank You For Not Riding | Uber

Thank you for not riding with us right now.

People are doing other things now like...

Holding nice signs, communicating with friends and family on FaceTime / Video Call, eating dinner on the roof, picking up packages with tongs so it doesn't touch your skin, child sliding down stairs that have been covered with cardboard and into a pile of balloons, skateboarding and rollerskating in the house, Frisbee in the house, washing your hands a lot, dancing in the living room while your husband just sits there, dancing with your friend on different sides of a glass door, exercising with your child, spinning, pushups, painting on your windows, trying yoga with your TV while your dog jumps on you, laughing and drinking with fiends over the computer, stopping your dog from eating the toilet paper, getting a shave or a haircut from your spouse, screaming and crying babies, hugging, being pregnant, looking out the window, holding babies, touching... but only through glass,

Written Text

Stay home for everyone who can't
Thank you for not riding with Uber

Have a Nice Day
Fragile / Liquid
Let us know if you need anything <3 Apt. 102

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