Sadsquatch | Progressive Insurance Commercial

Flo has a heart-to-heart in the great outdoors with her new friend, Daryl.

This ad features Daryl the Sasquatch who is trying his hardest to be seen by humans, but they just aren't paying attention anymore like they used to.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

People used to care, that they'd come all the way out here just for a blurry photo of me.
Ya, that's a good one.
Wait what's that?
That's just a low battery warning.

Now, it's all "check out my RV" and "Let's go four-wheeling". Maybe there's a little part of me that wanted to be seen.
Well, Progressive helps people save when they bundle their home with their outdoor vehicles so they've got other things to do now Bigfoot.
Wait what did you just call me?
My name is Darryl.

People have other things to do now.
Ya time to work on my screenplay.
Hey, great.
You want to read it?
I'm, pretty busy.
[Sighs] Fair enough.

Written Text

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