During these trying times, we’re constantly seeking out new ways to support our customers by pulling together free products, resources and tools. There’s another way to be open, because open we stand. Subscribe to GoDaddy: GoDaddy Links: As the company empowering everyday entrepreneurs around the world, GoDaddy gives you all the help and tools you need to grow online. #GoDaddy #OpenWeStand

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Open. Remember having that feeling for the first time? The first day you opened. The first day you had a customer. The first day you taught a class. Had a client, a patient, a session.

Open. Remember the night before you opened. Who could ever sleep?

Open. But there's a different question we are being asked now. Are you going to remain open even when your doors are closed.

Open. That's how we show who we are. And there's another way to be open to pull together or push depending on door, and we are making it work. And we will continue to make it work together. Because open we stand.


Oo ooo ooo ooo ooo oooo

Written Text

Sorry We're Closed
Sorry we are Closed
Closed Thank You
Sorry, we are closed. Please come again.
Aw, snap... we're closed
Yes We are Open
Open Welcome
Hooray, we're open
Open we stand
To support our customers during these times we are giving free products, tools, and resources.
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