For Their Future

The world will be theirs. It’s up to us to protect it. Volvo plug-in hybrid SUVs.

This ad features a number of kids riding in the back seat of their parents' Volvos. They are looking out the window, eating snacks, playing, and just trying to pass the time.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


Do you recall not long ago
We would walk on the sidewalk
Innocent, remember?
All we did was care for each other
But the night was warm
We were bold and young
All around the wind blows
We would only hold on to let go
Blow a kiss, into the sun
We need someone to lean on
Blow a kiss, into the sun
All we need is somebody to lean on

Written Text

The car you trust to protect them, now protects their future.
From now on, every new Volvo model will be electrified.

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