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PENNY and Serviceplan Campaign continue with their response to the Covid-19 pandemic with a social media campaign aimed at providing some light-hearted relief during the Coronavirus lockdown. Using the already known hashtag #homefirst, the German supermarket chain PENNY now celebrates the "Guardians of Wisdom and Keepers of the couch" in a humourous social media campaign encouraging self-isolation.

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Today, we celebrate those who usually don't celebrate at all. The guardians of wisdom and keepers of the couch. 'Cause staying at home is your superpower. Without blinking and eye, you trade your friends for the remote, the club for chips, barbecues for gaming sessions, and the gym for gummy bears. You don't know every corner of the city, but every crevice of your couch. And you only leave the house when the fridge is completely empty. You know how to work online, live online, love online. You even managed to sleep through an entire weekend - just because you can. And that's exactly what we need right now. Show Germany how to turn our couches into our comfort zones. How to declare "going out" as the ugliest word of the year. How to bum around with a clear conscience. For you are the couch potatoes, you are the stay-at-homes, you are the ones that we now need.

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Penny #erstmalzuhause #homefirst

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