WFH | Mara Unmuted | Progressive Insurance Commercial

Mara shows that there’s no need to fear the mute button if you always tell the truth…and now everyone knows why she faked jury duty.

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Jamie: Okay where were we?
Mara: Ya i'm done after this meeting. We're just going over how people who switch to Progressive can save hundreds.
Hey Mara.
Mara: Ya, Jamie's the guy running it. I once had the fake jury duty to get out of talking about his yogurt preferences.
Flo: Mara, you know you're not on mute right?
Mara: Oh. There's a mute button? Yeah, that's Flo the one who looks like she'd smile while she sleeps.
Flo: I always smile.
Mara: That's why I said that.

Written Text

Office Commercial
Secret's out. You can save when you switch.
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