Cut Hair At Home | #WithMe

Whether it’s a buzz cut, bang trim, or full chop, it’s something we typically don't do ourselves. That’s why there have been over 110 million "DIY haircut" views since March 1. While we appreciate our hairdressers now more than ever, we are not alone in learning and making mistakes (the kind that will eventually grow back), together.

Cut Hair At Home #WithMe

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm gonna be cuttin' his hair.
I'm gonna teacher you how to give yourself a self-isolation haircut.
Three, two...
Mmmm! Babe!


That's the way we get by

Written Text

How to cut hair at home
Over 110 million "DIY Haircut" views since March 1
Step One, Step Two, Step Three, Step Four
Hair Cut #WithMe
At Home #WithMe

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