Creativity goes on

We have always believed deeply in the power of creativity. Now, more than ever, we’re inspired by people in every corner of the world finding new ways to share their creativity, ingenuity, humanity and hope.

Child looking out a window, teddy bear in a window, mom doing a photo shoot with baby, John Krazinski, girl drawing with an iPad, music teacher working with a student remotely, man dancing, feeding cupcake to someone over an iPad, spinning animated paper device, Oprah Winfrey talking with someone from her Mac, man streaming himself dancing, boy playing chess with someone remotely, Lily James reading an e-book, guy playing the piano, person stretching/exercising, someone playing the violin at her window at night, "surfing" with a rug as the wave, putting on "makeup" by painting a mirror, kissing after a proposal in the park, man playing a saxophone while a child climbs on him, little girl ballerina stretching, painting a rainbow on a window, projecting a movie on a building for neighbors to watch,

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Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

“Asleep at the Parade” by The Young Ebenezers
Oprah Winfrey: A pandemic has the possibility of bringing us together in ways none of us would have been able to predict or expect.
Lily James: "I'm so small," said the mole. “Yes,” said the boy. “But you make a huge difference.”

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Creativity goes on
The Loft Cinema - We'll get through this together

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