The commercial begins with a fuzzy image of a digital alarm block which, when brought into focus is covered in blue Twitter bird logo cutouts which someone brushes off. The person then gets up and has breakfast, and the pancake (?) they are eating is coated in powdered sugar with missing sugar creating the bird logo. The guy is then trying to get dressed in the morning, and tries on several shirts before settling on a button down shirt with a T-shirt with a Twitter logo on it. We then see a calendar with the bird cut-outs all over it, and when they are pushed away, the 14th of the month is circled with "Big Night" written in with an orange marker. They are then at a farmer's market and the bird logo is set up on a basket of strawberries. On the way home, the logo is on the bus window, and then at the music store, it is on the album that the guy picks out, and also on the bottle of wine he buys, and again on the stargazing book he picks out. We then see he is on a date on a hill overlooking a city with all the things he bought. The couple is lying on a blanket looking at the stars and the moon. 
We hear a camera noise, and the moon turns into a twitpic which is posted on the newly redesigned Twitter. Various screenshots of the new interface (by user @briggletweets) is shown which supports images and videos directly. As he clicks through his links on Twitter, we see where he got all the ideas for the music, wine, stargazing, etc. A @twitter tweet is shown announcing the new Twitter, and a YouTube video of the commercial you are currently watching begins playing. They then zoom in on @briggletweets earlier post that simple says "Big Night!". The commercial ends by scrolling through the timeline, and then the blue bird logo it displayed.

Written Text

Big Night! (14th) 
Freelance Whales - Weathervanes 
Fledgling - Pinot Noir 
How to Read Our Night Sky - A Stargazer's Guide 
@briggletweets - Jeremy Briggs 
Over the moon 
@neiltyson - Neil deGrasse Tyson 
@technical_book - New Technical Books 
@briggletweets Big Night! 
Below is a list of all the Twitter Users shown in the commercial: 
@briggletweets, @mcsweeneysbooks, @fledgling, @caltrain, @AmoebaSF, @freelancewhales, @ShaymaaMahmoud, @neiltyson, @technical_book, @BillCosby, @wileycoyote, @OMGFacts, @StephenAtHome, @TOMSshoes, @threadless, @EverydayHealth, @moxsie, @twitter, @timelines, @BuzzNewz, @rk, @kevinthau, @Twitt3rGeek, @USEmbassyKabul, @WhiteHouse_Blog, @BestAt, @stevenjayl, @davewiner, @jess, @dnicole, @nerdist, @tedtalks, @mikiane, @hollybdc, @troy, @saraheeyore, @GammaCounter, @kristenschalled, @JimGaffigan, @toddbarry, @iTweetLifeTips, @michaelianblack, @BrianGee29, @mgrooves, @iTweetFacts, @MulahTruth, @hoverbird, @ericwareheim 
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