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Take a tour of today’s UK creative scene. From the legendary Aardman in Bristol to the exciting new sounds of Joy Crookes in Southwark, discover the places where incredible things are made #BehindTheMac

Meet the creators

Featured in order:

0:05 Maisie Williams

0:10 Vicky Grout

0:14 Lev Tanju

0:19 Michaela Coel

0:21 object blue

0:23 Ewen Spencer

0:25 ustwo games

0:27 Joy Crookes

0:29 Samuel Ross

0:31 Alva Skog

0:33 Jenn Nkiru

0:34 Dave

0:36 David Hieatt

0:38 Anthony Burrill

0:40 Edward Enninful

0:41 Feng Chen Wang

0:43 Rapman

0:45 Aardman

0:47 Gabriella Marcella

0:49 Floating Points

0:51 Grayson Perry CBE RA

0:57 Labrinth

Song “Imagination” by Labrinth

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


Imagination, imagination
Only in my imagination
As the sun's lopsided
And the birds fly sideways
And I shake the sky with a heavenly smile on my face
And I draw Picassos
And I spray paint Banksys
And we live on L-O-V-E like it was our salaries
And we plant these seeds that we call ideas
And they grow like trees bearing fruits on twigs
And we just don't leave 'cause we like it here
Making Shangri-La inside of our heads
I'll live in this
Imagination now

Written Text

Made in Manchester, Glasgow, Peckham, Brighton, Bristol, Crovdon, Northampton, Hackney, Chelmsford, Rye, Mayfair, Cardigan, Lewisham, the UK
Behind the Mac

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