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When you bought your home, did you ever imagine all that it would become?

These days, home isn’t just where you live. It’s your office, your kids’ classroom, your family’s new favorite restaurant, your fortress of solitude when everything else feels uncertain.

Today, home matters more than ever.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You thought you were buying a house. Turns out, you were also buying...
daddy, daddy!
Today, home matters more than ever. Because no matter what happens out there... Everything that really matters... is right here.


Riding with you with the sunnier day
I wouldn't want it any other way
Taking the goods with the ups and downs
I want to see how the world turns round
Let's go adventure in the deep blue sea
Home is with you wherever that may be

Written Text

House for Sale by Owner
You thought you were buying a house. Turns out you were also buying...
A performing arts center (boy playing trombone)
A co-working space (dad working and taking care of the kids)
A training facility (dad doing pushups with kids on his back)
A hair salon (old man cutting hair)
A day spa (girl with cucumbers on her eyes while dad massages feet)
A practice rink (little boy practicing hockey)
A chemistry lab (little girls making a mess in the kitchen)
A 5-star restaurant (man trying to toss a pizza)
Mr. Cooper

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