Privacy. That’s iPhone. – Over Sharing

Some things shouldn’t be shared. That’s why iPhone is designed to help give you control over your information and protect your privacy.

“Diamonds Cutting Diamonds” by Lydia Ainsworth

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I browsed eight sites for divorce attorneys today. I browsed eight sites for divorce attorneys today!
My log in for everything is I love working with you!
Me too!
Red heart emoji!
Pink heart emoji!
Yellow heart emoji!
Blue heart emoji!
I hate Lee though.
Puke emoji.
Puke emoji.
I am currently reading an article titled “Ten Ways to Keep Sweaty Hands from Holding You Back.”
My home is in one thousand feet.
My heart rate is currently 150, 151, 152, and back down to 150!
On March fifteenth at 9:16 am I purchased prenatal vitamins and four pregnancy tests.
The number on my credit card is zero, two, three, seven, one, two, two, one, zero, seven, two, five, zero, two, one, one! That's zero, two...

Written Text

Some things shouldn't be shared
iPhone helps keep it that way
Privacy. That's iPhone.

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