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When life threw these dogs a curve ball, they happily fetched it, brought it back and asked life to throw it again. All this month, Subaru is proud to be celebrating shelter dogs with special needs. These incredible Underdogs may be the last ones to be adopted, but they’ll be the first ones into your heart. And, as this commercial demonstrates, these Underdogs never stop trying to make the most out of life. Consider adopting today.

Subaru is more than a car company. We believe that all dogs deserve a loving home, and through our Love Promise, we’re proud to have donated $28 million to support the health, rescue, transport and adoption for more than 230,000 animals. This October, as part of Subaru Loves Pets month, the car company with a long-standing commitment to loving pets is committed to helping the last-to-adopt shelter dogs – the older and physically-challenged Underdogs - finally find loving homes. Subaru and our retailers will be helping to support nearly 600 local shelters across the country by donating $100 for every pet adopted this month. And on October 22nd, Subaru will be celebrating our 2nd annual National Make A Dog’s Day by inviting all dog lovers to do something extra special for their favorite dog.

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Meet the Underdogs

Pogo: Meet Pogo. Like most amputee dogs, he is sweet, caring, and loves to hike. The fact is, many dogs who’ve lost a leg still love to do all the fun stuff they did before. Like, being the first one out of the front door and the last one to leave the playground.

Wuzzle: Wuzzle is a senior dog with some mobility issues. But don’t be fooled into thinking dogs like her are pushovers. These seniors stand tall and proud for what they believe in – long walks, squeaky toys and tasty treats. Yeah, lots of tasty treats. Sadly, Wuzzle passed away recently. She’ll be fondly remembered, and her memories will forever be cherished.

Seven: This is Seven. He may have lost an eye, but he didn’t lose any of his cuteness. And, like most one-eyed dogs, he can still go about his day chasing rabbits, digging holes and licking humans. Better yet, dogs like him can convincingly pull off a pirate’s look at a Halloween party. Aye, aye, captain!

Rhona: Rhona, and other amputees like her, don’t care if they’re missing a leg. In fact, spend a day with them and you realize they don’t need all four to play fetch. Or chase you in the park. Or race with your neighbor’s dog. Or sprint at the first smell of bacon. You get the point. They love to run.

Elmer: That’s Elmer. Contrary to popular belief, dogs with visual impairment are often jolly, playful, and fun. Whatever they lose in vision, they make up for in tail-wagging and tongue-flapping. That’s on top of bed-jumping, brisk walking and binge sleeping.

Roadie: Having lost a leg, dogs like Roadie use wheelchairs to go places. But they don’t need one to get into your heart. They’re sweet, smart, and love other dogs and kids. These are qualities all dogs (and some humans) aspire to.

Waneta: Meet Waneta. She’s old, blind, and diabetic. Dogs like her might seem difficult to take care of, but they’re not. The fact is, they would still love to learn new tricks. Still want to be your best friend. And still make a face while eating your average homemade sourdough bread. True friends don’t lie.

*Subaru of America, Inc. and its Retailers will donate $100 for every dog or cat adoption from partner shelters from October 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020, up to $3,100 in total.


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