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For two decades, you’ve chosen us to tell your unique story through jewellery. Starting with the iconic Pandora Moments snake chain charm bracelet, mark 20 years of collecting and wearing memories with us with new charms and carriers. Choose from brand new snake chain-inspired T-bar bracelets. Alternatively, go for an updated Pandora O Pendant in the pattern with a sparkling ball clasp to carry your special memories. There’s a first time for everything, so capture your memorable firsts with meaningful charms that celebrate something about you. Wear a reminder of your first pet with detailed animal-themed pieces or record a baby’s first moments with family-inspired designs. From your first kiss to your first road trip or even your first great achievement, there’s a charm to represent each of your treasured memories.

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Pandora: A story of memorable firsts
First road trip
First balloon trip
First pet
First child
Pandora - something about it for 20 years

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