"VW Routan Hide and Seek with Dora" 
The commercial begins with an exterior shot of the Volkswagen Routan (VW minivan) which is shaking. The windshield wipers start going, and then we see what is causing all the commotion - it's Dora the Explorer and her friend Boots the Monkey. Boots is hiding in the front panel / glove compartment, and then in one of the floor compartments. Dora climbs over the back seat into the very back of the mini-van, and Boots is already in the floor storage back there. We see that there are (real) children near a tree counting - obviously playing hide-n-seek with the cartoon characters. The parents come up right when the children are done counting and open the door with the remote entry. The children "find" Dora on the DVD player, and the dad discovers that he is sitting on a Dora-themed bag.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

1, 2, 3... 
But where do we go next?  
5, 6, 7... 
Come on Boots, this way. 
Ready or not, here we come! 
Found you! 
The Volkswagen Routan, awarded the most appealing minivan. The Routan, the only minivan with the soul of a Volkswagen.

Written Text

The Volkswagen Routan, awarded the "most appealing minivan". 
J.D. Power and Associates 
That's Das Auto.

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