Vroom Super Bowl Commercial | Dealership Pain

In Vroom's first Big Game ad, we see a man tied up like a hostage at a car dealership. Just as the car salesman is about to shock him with a car battery, his world flips around and now the man is sitting in his lawn waiting for his car to arrive from Vroom.

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Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Car Salesman: So, are you gonna buy the car?
Man: Please, if I could just go home and discuss things with my wife.
Car Salesman: Ah.
Man: I've been here all weekend.
Car Salesman: You could leave any time you want.
Man: Ahhhhh!

Announcer: Never go to a dealership again.

Man: Wow, that was painless.

Announcer: Go to, buy a car, and we'll deliver it contact free.

Written Text

Used Car Sale
Dealership of the Year
Vroom - Get in

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