Bud Light - Cardboard Fan

The epic story of one fan’s quest for his favorite beer.

A sports stadium is full of cardboard cutouts because of COVID-19. One of the cutouts sees a cutout beer salesman, so he gets up to go see him. His ice try is empty, so the guy leaves to go find some Bud Light. He finds a forklift with several crates of beer. A worker sees him before he can take the beer so he runs off and leaves the stadium. While walking down the street he sees a Bud Light delivery truck, but gets hit by a bus while crossing the street. The bus driver doesn't care and just turns on the windshield wipers and pushes him away. He flies into a gutter where people walk all over him and finally ends up in a recycle bin. A garbage truck picks him up, but he flies out the back and ends up at the apartment of the real guy that the cutout is a picture of. Later they are both watching the football game and the cutout has a cutout beer taped to him.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, can I help you?
Do you wanna come... in?
Five - touchdown, Giants.
Yes! Yes!

Written Text

Bud Light Legends
Giants NY
The Foundry Lofts
When you really want your favorite beer, there's a Bud Light there.

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