Coors Big Game Commercial of Your Dreams: Dream Study

Can Coors really make you dream a Big Game commercial? Watch this behind the scenes look at our dream incubation study, and try the experience for yourself at

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Me and my mom are in a helicopter. It's snowy. We drop out of the helicopter and start skiing down the hill.

Do you think it's possible to put a Big Game commercial in someone's dream?
It would be possible.

I'm Deidre Barret. I'm a dream psychologist. I teach courses on dreams and do dream research. My doctorate is in clinical psychology, and I'm editor in chief of The Journal of Dreaming.

When Coors first approached me, they wanted to know if it would be possible to incubate an ad in a dream. I told them that there is a way if you've got cooperative subjects to do dream incubation and influence their dream contents.

The idea was to place a surreal Coors ad into people's subconscious.

We came up with stimulus film about clean mountain air, refreshing streams...

Do I think implanting dreams into people is ethical? Um, eh...

Hey there. Welcome to the sleep study.
Get into your bed and get comfortable. Watch the video. I want you to tell yourself that you want to dream about the video as you fall asleep, and go to sleep. When I see that you're in REM sleep, which is your dream sleep, I want to wake you up during the dream so you remember the dream.
Brandon, can you tell me what you were dreaming?
I was dreaming about waterfalls.
I was walking through snow.
I saw some mountains.
I think it was something to do with Coors and pogo stick or...

I have no idea if any other advertisers will choose to ask people to dream their ads in their dreams.
I doubt it.
But, it certainly seems to work.

Written Text

Coors can't run a commercial in the Big Game due to the league's exclusive contract with a certain competitor so they found another way
Coors Light + Coors Seltzer present The Big Game Commercial of your Dreams
Entering Cambridge est. 1846
Deidre Barrett, Ph.D. / Dream Psychologist
The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists, and Athletes Use Dreams for Creative Problem-Solving and How You Can Too
David Lawson, Visual Artist
Dream Lab Sleep Center
Participate in the world's largest dream study from the comfort of your own bed.

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