Huggies® – “Welcome to the World, Baby” Extended Cut

Welcome, baby. We’re glad you’re here. Things might look a little crazy right now, but stick with us. We’ll help you make sense of things. #WeGotYouBaby

See you at our next play date in the big game on 2.7.21

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Baby, hi, we're so glad you're here. Welcome to Earth, home to 8 billion humans who were also once babies. Even him. Right now, you only need to know two of them, and together you make a family. These are also families. Neat huh?

Now, you're kind of a big deal around here. Watch this - do anything right now.
That baby, is called control. Enjoy it. And this [running around naked], that won't fly when you're older, kid. And you get to have your favorite meal whenever you're hungry. You'll go through a phase where you think everything is edible. Most of it isn't, but sometimes... You can literally sleep whenever you want. Or not. Oh, so dad's head isn't on upside down - that's just a beard.

Yep, being a baby is pretty great. Everyone is always thrilled to see you. Well, almost everybody. You can go, like go, whenever nature calls. That's where we come in. We're Huggies. Hi, we make these (diapers) and these (wipes) and other stuff to help your parents keep you comfy. So you have time for something important like finding your foot. Go easy kid. Whoa, where'd he go? See, the thing is, baby, it's a crazy world, but you'll grow to love it. Well, most of it. Get some rest now, kiddo. We'll be here when you wake up. Which should be right about...

Huggies, we got you, baby.

Written Text

You are here.
Dr. Jamil, Nurse Luyando, Brian OB Tech
That's dad (smells like cheese puffs)
That's mom.
Lunch. Dinner.
Edible? Edible? Edible? Actually edible.
Good for pulling.
We got you, baby
See you at our next playdate

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Huggies and Super Bowl LV (2021) Commercial - Welcome to the World, Baby - Big Game Ad

This Television Commercial refers to Huggies Commercial for Super Bowl LV 2021 - Welcome to the World, Baby - Bi

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