Defy Logic | Logitech | Big Game Commercial

To create the future, you must defy the logic of the past. #DefyLogic


  • Lil Nas X | Artist | @LilNasX
  • Leah Thomas | Environmentalist | @GreenGirlLeah
  • Kimberley Margarita | Makeup Artist | @KimberleyMargarita_
  • Dr. Roshawnna Novellus | Entrepreneur | @iEnrichHER
  • Zach Lieberman + MolMol Kuo | Digital Artists | @Zach.Lieberman @MolMolKuo
  • Meg Kaylee | Streamer | @MegKaylee
  • Amy & Ella Meek | Environmentalists | @KidsAgainstPlastic
  • Melz Owusu | Educator | @FreeBlackUni
  • Yvette Young | Musician | @YvetteYoung
  • Noemi Schipfer + Takami Nakamoto | Artists | @NonotakStudio
  • Mercedes Bazan | Illustrator | @MechiBaz

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We stand here in defiance. We the makers. We the ground breakers. We the creators, the streamers, the dreamers. We defy expectations, perceptions, and misconceptions. We defy what logic says we should look like, sound like, be like. We defy genres, algorithms, and entire industries. See, we defy that little voice that says, "Oh no we can't." with a roar back that says, "Oh yes we will." Because to create the future, we must defy the logic of the past. We must defy logic.


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Logitech presents Defy Logic

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