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An icon returns. #Coming2America arrives to Prime Video on March 5th

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Hey hey, what are you doing back here, Mufasa.
I just discovered that I may have a son in this land.
How much child support she getting from you.
The King pays no child support.
No child support for 30 years and you came back?
You's a dummy.
Ahhh ha ha ha ha.

Hello, I am Akeem Joffer, King of Zamunda. You are the heir to the throne. Yes, my son.
He's supposed to be like the Prince of Wakanda.
Wakanda is a fictional place.
Not to everybody.
Zamunda is a very real nation.
I don't need no handout.
Wait a minute. Imma go pack.

Presenting King Akeem's song from America...
And my moms.
...and his moms.

Children, this is your brother.
Hey, Kwai. I'm sorry I slept with your man.
This happened before we even met.
It's not like you're the first man I've ever been with.
I haven't... wha wha wha what did you just say about the other men?


Coming to America, now he's coming to me

I always thought that Mika was going to be Queen.
A woman isn't allowed to rule Zamunda. It's the law.
Did it ever occur to you that Mika wanted to be your heir?
Would you dare banish me from my own bedroom?

How you doin' Akeem?
I'm getting it from everywhere.
I have upset my family.

You must be strong.
And General Izzy would love nothing more than to take over Zamunda.
Raise it higher.


I'm a king, I'm a king... all that

Put your hands together.
Like that.
Say it again.
It's a party over here.
I must admit, your style is foreign to my kingdom, but it's impressive.
That's right. There you go.
Let me hear you say, "Hey, ho."
Hey, ho.
No, no, no, no, that's the mother.
Oh, you don't say it...
No, not to his mother.


I'm a king, I'm a king

You're almost ready to become a prince.
Ceremonial circumcision.
Get the royal machete.
They're gonna sharpen your tool, nephew.


Coming to America, now it's coming to me
I'm a king, I'm a king

Written Text

Prime Video
After 30 years an icon returns
Amazon Original
The King Reigns but the family rules
Amazon original movie - Coming 2 America
March 5
Only on Prime Video
Included with Prime

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