The Dunk | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Chris Paul)

When Jake From State Farm shows up – Chris Paul knows something is going down. But much to his surprise, some State Farm commercials don't go as bad as he expects.

Chris Paul is playing basketball with his kids when he hears the State Farm jingle play.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Chris Paul: [hearing State Farm jingle] Did you hear that? The State Farm theme? [Chris hums the State Farm jingle] I think we in a commercial. Jake from State Farm, I knew it.
Jake from State Farm: Don't worry, Chris these are gonna go surprisingly great.
Chris Jr.: Dad, look!
Chris Paul: Chris, no!
Jake from State Farm: Ooh, see surprising. Just like State Farm's surprisingly great rates.
Kid: I would, I didn't even record.
Jake from State Farm: Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.

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