Fencing Problem - GEICO Insurance

New homeowners are loving the backyard of their new home. It would be perfect if they could only improve their neighbor's fencing...Subscribe to GEICO:


  • Woman: Sara Amini
  • Man: Micah Cohen
  • Neighbor Woman: Linsay Ames
  • Neighbor Man: Peter Katona
  • AVO: Andrew Anthony

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Our new house is amazing. Great street, huge yard.
There is a bit of an issue with our neighbors fencing.
Neighbor 1: ALLEZ!
(sound from wind chimes)
Neighbor 2: (LAUGHING)
At least GEICO makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. Which helps us save even more.
Neighbor 2: Hey, Sarah, hey, Peter!
Neighbor 1: Touché.
Neighbor 2: AHHH!
Neighbor 1: Pret!
Neighbor 2: En garde!
For bundling made easy, go to

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