life in a day Official trailer_the story of a single day on Earth

What can happen on a single day on Earth? Experience the once-in-a-decade landmark documentary film capturing the stories of people across the globe on 25th July 2020. Life in a Day is a stirring film about love, death, heartbreak, and hope that looks beyond geography and circumstance to explore what connects us as humans. Directed by Academy Award® winner Kevin Macdonald. Produced by legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott. And filmed by YOU. Visit http://lifeinaday.youtube.com for more information. Watch Life in a Day 2010 : https://youtu.be/JaFVr_cJJIY

Release date: Jan 26, 2021
Running time: 1:52
Language: English

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wake up.
Welcome to the planet.
We are making a movie.
This is Los first flight.
I am happy because it's a beautiful day.

What are you afraid of?
Lots of things.
That my life will pass unnoticed.

What would you do if there was no longer me here?
We're working through this together, okay?
I've had two brothers. Not one, but two brothers die in police custody.
Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!

Let's shake it up.
What would change your life in the future?
Getting better would change my life.
I want to have kids more than just about anything.
I want them to grow up in a world that's kind.
Why can't we change? Why can't we be kind?
Hear me! I am the child of God Jesegey! I will live for 100 years!

Written Text

YouTube Originals
On July 25, 2020 the world came together to capture a single day in an extraordinary year.
Sundance Film Festival 2021 Official Selection
Produced by Ridley Scott
Directed by Academy Award Winner Kevin MacDonald
Filmed by you
Life in a Day - The Story of a Single Day on Earth
February 6 only on YouTube

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