Tony Romo for Skechers Max Cushioning

Football legend turned broadcaster Tony Romo and his wife Candice love taking everything TO THE MAX! One day it’s a skyscraper sandwich for lunch and the next day it’s a monster truck commute, but for everyday comfort they wear Skechers Max Cushioning footwear. Every pair features a maximum amount of innovative Ultra GO® cushioning plus an Air-cooled Goga Mat™ insole that feels amazing morning to night. It’s cushioning to the max…for extreme comfort!

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Here in the Romo household...
...we take things to the max! Bam!
Honey? Get my stretch pants. Oh yeah.
Honey, you still in bed?
Bring on the traffic.
Oh yeah.
That's why we love Skechers Max Cushioning footwear. They've maxed out the cushion for extreme comfort.
It's like walking on clouds.
Big, comfy ones.
Try Skechers Max Cushioning for yourself.
Oh yeah

Written Text

Candice & Tony Romo
Comfort Enthusiasts
The Romos
To The Max!
Maxed Out Cushioning
Extreme Comfort
Skechers Max Cushioning
Available for Men and Women

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