Opportunity Knocks | Fiverr Big Game Commercial Extended Cut (2021)

Opportunity knocked and Four Seasons Total Landscaping answered. Through quick action, an entrepreneurial spirit, and ultimately Fiverr, her small business skyrocketed. Their incredible success story is exactly why we teamed up to make our big game commercial. We’re proud to partner with Four Seasons Total Landscaping and to support small businesses everywhere. With the right talent, you can build anything—even a press conference parking lot.

Website: #GoBigWithFiverr

A lady drives around the Four Seasons Total Landscaping business (where Rudy Giuliani held a Trump press conference thinking it was the Four Seasons hotel) in a weird little car.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Looks good, guys. Success. It’s often right place, right time.
When opportunity knocks at your corrugated garage door, you roll that puppy up.
Fiverr gets that. From graphic design to web development. Or even a PR expert for things like, I dunno, booking a press conference.
Fiverr has the freelancers to get you where you wanna be. Ma, we found a fifth season!
Is this a lobby? This is not a hotel...

Written Text

Four Season Total Landscaping & Press Venue!
Freelance Services on demand - fiverr.

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