SpongeBob on Paramount+ | Super Bowl LV Spot

From Bikini Bottom to Paramount+ comes a mountain of SpongeBob! Swim over to Paramount+ and stream the new original series Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years, the new SpongeBob movie Sponge On The Run, and over 200 episodes from the SpongeBob aquatic library.

Start streaming with Paramount+ March 4. Learn more

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From Bikini Bottom to Paramount+
That's his eager face.
A new SpongeBob movie, Sponge on the Run
I love my life
A new original series, Kamp Koral
I'm ready.
And over 200 episodes. It's all streaming March 4 only on Paramount Plus

Written Text

Paramount+ Original - The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

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