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London-based photographer Cian and his brother were craving some quality time with their Mum after many months apart. They found the perfect getaway, and a special opportunity for the family to reconnect, at Superhost Julia’s architectural wonder in the countryside near idyllic Bath, England. This is just one of the millions of trips that take place on Airbnb, made possible by Hosts.

MUSIC: How Can I Tell You, Performed by Clem Snide, written by Yusuf Islam



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How can I tell you
That I love you I love you
But I can't think of right words to say
I long to tell you
That I'm always thinking of you
I'm always thinking of you
But my words just blow away
My words just blow away
How can I tell you
That I love you I love you

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The Shed House - hosted by Julia
Mom's weekend made possible by Hosts

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