Monopoly Scratcher commercial Scotty dog

Scotty dog Angus did outstanding for this Monopoly lottery commercial! With only a few of weeks of training, this incredible dog learned so much! He was an absolute pleasure to train and work with.

For those asking-special effects in post production turned him silver for this commercial, so that he could exactly match the game piece

This ad is used for in multiple states for their state lottery systems.

Scotty Dog, Go, Electric Company Est. 1935, Park Place, Red Car, Traffic Cop, Monopoly Man, Red Hotel, Railroads, Reading Railroad, Marvin Gardens, Green House

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


Hey there, let's get away
Sure need a lazy, sunny day
But oh dear, we've gotta stay
And finish all that we needed to say
Now darling if you fall
I'll be there to hold you
'Cause I gave you my soul
Long time ago, long time ago
Oh oh oh oh oh ohohoh
'Cause you, you are my lonely star
And I'm, I'm your wishing girl

Written Text

Monopoly up to $1,000,000
Play for Real

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