Dom Pérignon - Creative Freedom is Power

Champagne brand Dom Pérignon joins forces with Lady Gaga on a collaboration celebrating creative freedom. When Lady Gaga delved into the history of the Maison, the radical boldness behind Dom Pérignon Rosé caught her attention, making this cuvée the perfect vessel for the collaboration. Their meeting gave birth to the Queendom imagined by Nick Knight and Neel Majumder, a creative world of spectacular exuberance and refinement.


  • Brand: Dom Pérignon
  • Campaign: Creative freedom is power
  • Country: France
  • Media: Digital
  • Published: 16th April,2021
  • Industries: Alcoholic Drinks, Beauty, Fashion
  • Director : Nick Knight
  • Actor : Lady Gaga
  • Executive Creative Director : Neel Majumder
  • Styling : Nicola Formichetti
  • Make Up : Sarah Nicole Tanno

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


I say that I want it, want it (Be free)
This is my dancefloor I fought for
I say that I want it, want it (Be free)
Don't fight it, fight it
But if I'm gonna go for it

Written Text

Dom Perignon x Lady Gaga
Creative freedom is power

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