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We might be apart outside, but in Facebook Groups there is still creativity, bravery, and kindness. People are still sharing, still caring, still goofing about and still doing their thing, together. Find a Facebook Group for you here.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You might be apart out there, but in here we're still figuring things out.
Still cooking up.
Still ???
Still growing and watering a lot
We're camping
I'm' fishing
I'm still designing, drafting, inventing, adapting
Doodling and scribbling around
Still watching out for paper cuts (ouch)
Dad, what are you doing?
Momma's still shredding


When you smile
Never together

Written Text

Brown Girls Craft
ChiTown Chefs
Rainbow Dads
House Plant Hobbyists
Latinx Surf Club
Tent Camping Adventures
Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech
Cabin Fever Creative Community
Still Digging Down
Great Danes R US
Moab Rock Climbers
Geek Dads
Stay at Home Yoga
Everyday Skate
More together

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