Smell Iconic #TheNewLynxEffect

There's a change in the air. Can you smell it? It smells like fresh opportunity. Like a new you. Like the world is yours. That’s the effect our new Lynx era will have on you. Soak it up.

We’re still all about adding scents to life, but now they’re in high-def. Now they make epic look tiny. Now they’re iconic. Presenting our new-era Lynx team for the fresh road ahead: Joining long-standing Lynx ambassadors AJ and Calfreezy are Chunks and Aitch. It’s the ultimate crew. Stick with this lot and you (and your underarms) will be rewarded. Big time.

Smell Iconic #TheNewLynxEffect

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics


Yeah, ready for more
Step outside I can feel the effect
Too nice, I'm ready of course
Been locked down to the crypto vibes
I'm ready to soar
You ain't got to ask about me
I'm ready for mine, are you ready for yours?
I look good
I been down, I been up
Ain't about I'm so good I set my own pace
I'm out to spread love
Jump in the ... from funkiness and turn the sound of it up
Wake wake up shining
Rip up all this tape when they filled with hate that he ain't invited
I got the key in patience
If there's a chance I'll take it

Smell iconic. The new Lynx effect

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