Yogi Bear Joins the BBQ - GEICO Insurance

What if living in bear country means getting a visit from Yogi Bear and Boo Boo? Subscribe to GEICO:

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We are thrilled we finally found our dream home in the mountains.
The views are great, the air is fresh. (SFX: BRANCHES RUSTLE) It is bear country though.
Hey Boo-Boo! We hit the jackpot!
Bear! Bear! Bear!
Look, corn on the cob!
Oohh chicken! Don't mind if I do!
They're hungry.
T-bone! That's what I call a smorgasbord!
At least GEICO makes bundling our home and car insurance easy.
They do save us a ton of money.
We'll take the cobbler to go!
Good idea, Yogi.
I'm smarter than the average bear!
They're gone, Dad!

For bundling made easy, go to

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