Longboard Family Facebook Group

Why learn from one dance partner when you can learn from thousands? The members of Longboard Family Facebook Group come together to learn from other longboard dancers around the world and push the culture forward. We change the game when we find each other.

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But you can do what you wanna
Live how you wanna (Ooh, ooh)
Spend what you wanna
Be who you wanna be
A young stunner (Stunner, ooh, ooh)
'Til I D-I-E (Lord, help me)

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Longboard Family Facebook Group
Brandon DesJarais - I can't get this right
Marina Correia - Like this
Ko Hyojoo
Ryan Lee - Why learn from one dance partner
Gui Alfeo - ...when you can learn from thousands
We change the game when we find each other

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performed by GoldLink; features Brent Faiyaz and Shy G

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performed by Brent Faiyaz


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