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In celebration of the Olympic Games and inspired by the athletes who are not only achieving athletic greatness, but are also stepping up to take action for good, Procter & Gamble’s Good is Gold series spotlights those who are using their voices and their platforms to make a positive difference in their communities.

At Pampers, we believe to fully live our brand purpose we must first address the foundation of baby’s development – a healthy mom and baby – regardless of race. Visit and follow #MillionActsofLove to learn how to support and uplift Black mothers and their support networks so they can thrive before, during and after pregnancy.

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I've always been naturally quiet. As an athlete I've had to only perform, you know. I have this gift, this athletic ability, I felt like, you know, that's what was expected of me.

And there's the start.
The most decorated American woman in Olympic track and field history.

But in 2018 I gave birth to my daughter Cameron, and I feel like she helped me find my voice. I went to the doctor at 32 weeks for just a routine checkup and right away I could tell there was something wrong. I was sent to the hospital for further testing, and I was diagnosed with an extremely severe case of preeclampsia. They made the decision to rush me in to do an emergency c-section. I didn't understand the true risk that women of color face. We are almost four times as likely to face complications or even death in child birth. And you're not told when you are pregnant that you're at risk.

I remember being there in the NICU and watching my daughter fight, and something within shifted, and I started to think about the strong women who raised me. My daughter and my grandmother who have been through a lot of adversity, and I didn't want my daughter to go through those same struggles. And I felt like the only way that that was going to change was for me to be vulnerable. My experience surrounding the maternal mortality crisis affecting black women.

My hope is that by sharing my experience with you, it will continue a conversation that needs much more attention and support. What I've learned is that there is something that we should be doing about this.

I think that I am sitting here to tell the story of my traumatic experience, but there are so many women who are not here to raise their own children because of something that could have been stopped or prevented. I feel extremely privileged to be able to use my platform to bring awareness, and hopefully bring about some type of change.

I think about my daughter. How I want her to be confident and strong and to never stand for less than what her value is. I am a strong Black woman, and I fight for my daughter and for all women.

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Good is Gold
Allyson Felix
9x Olympic Medalist
Mommy's best Gold
Allyson Felix risked everything by speaking out. She's not finished.
Self - The Blak maternal mortality issue featuring Allyson Felix
Hear - Hear her concerns

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