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Add personality and style to your space with five different Samsung TVs.

√ ‘The Sero’, enjoy mobile content on a big screen

√ ‘The Serif’, introduce unique design in your space

√ ‘The Premiere’, create your own private cinema

√ ‘The Frame’, transform your home into an art gallery

√ ‘The Terrace’, bring your entertainment outdoors

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Baby you know it
You lose patience with me
But baby don't show it, ooo ooo
Isn't this what you wanted?
But you're blowing up my phone
Cause I couldn't come crying to you
So come ask me
If it hurts just as much as it did before
And honestly, the third time, the fourth time
Now baby I'm getting bored
You're keeping me awake for the last time
I put my phone in airplane mode tonight
You can waste my breath, I won't waste mine
Cause it's the last time

Written Text

Your personal art gallery - The Frame
Your unique inspiration - The Serif
Your private cinema - The Premiere
Your mobile entertainment - The Sero
Your perfect outdoor companion - The Terrace
Design your lifestyle

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