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All over the country people are searching “how to start.” Whether it’s starting a business, a new relationship, or just trying to remember how to start a conversation, people are taking that first step with a little help from Google. Explore the trends at

Kids starting school, girls with lemons in their mouths, sports team, petting an octopus, people around a campfire, woman kissing man in wheelchair, drag queen shouting into megaphone, a mom showing a picture of a sonogram to her two daughters to tell them there is a new family member coming, a pug who tore up some paper, Amanda Gorman at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, people on dates, people working out, couple fighting, kids wrapped in towels, woman walking a bunch of dogs, someone stranded with a dead car battery trying to push the car, someone's 1 month AA chip, guy accidentally knocking down a domino setup before it is ready, old man graduating from college, someone painting white paint over a nearly finished painting

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

How you feeling, Sienna?
I'm feeling very excited.
You ready for school, dude? Alright.
Guess what?
Andrew. Nice to meet you.
Nice and steady.
How many jobs do you think you could do like this in a day? As a side hustle.
No! No no no no no!
There's still a lot to learn. I'm not done.

Written Text

How to start a new school
How to start making friends
How to start a fire
How to start a conversation
How to start dating again
How to start working out
How to start a vacation
How to start a side hustle
How to start a dead battery
How to start a new career
How to start from scratch - To Thine Own Self Be True / Unity, Service, Recovery, 1 Month
How to start over
All over the country, people are searching, "how to start". Start again. Search on.

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