Samsung Galaxy: Life opens up with Galaxy

Openness is what we believe in. And it’s at the heart of everything we do. By creating technology with fewer boundaries and limitations, we enable more creativity, innovation and freedom. We’re all born with a beautiful bias toward openness Open to anyone Open for everything Open with whatever thing Galaxy was created to be as open as we are To make impossible innovations possible To connect devices, brands and people without limits Open to all, exclusive to none So everyone can push forward, equally Because the less boundaries the world has the farther we all can go Life opens up with Galaxy. Learn more: #Galaxy #Samsung

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That's what we want
That's what we want
We wanna be free, wanna be ourselves
Don't wanna do it like anyone else
Gonna ring that freedom bell and let go
You know that's all we want, yeah, that's all we want
That's all we want, yeah, that's all we want
Ooolay ooolay ooolay ooolay
Ooolay ooolay ooolay ooolay
The more we let go, yeah, the more that we get

Written Text

It's what we believe in
An open world frees us to progress
Remove all limitations
Defy more than gravity
Make new connections
Invite everyone in
Make impossible possible
The fewer boundaries we have
The further we'll go
Life opens up with Galaxy
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