"The Oath" - T-Mobile has started a new family plan where kids are free. 
This commercial begins with an oath taken by placing a hand on a touch screen phone and holding the other hand in the air similar to how a Bible (or other Holy Book) is used in a courtroom. The scene starts with a father who asks his young daughter and older son to repeat after him. A redhaired girl with a gardening glove carries on the oath. The scene continues to change as other children say the pledge including a boy sitting in front of a green 1950's pickup truck, a young blond in a sweater and hat, a boy in a hat sitting by himself in a computer lab, and another boy in front of a white building. Next is a girl with a book bag, a boy in a leather chair, a suit and tie wearing boy with glasses, and then several of the previous children are cycled in. The oath deals with agreeing to use the phone and camera appropriately, and be repectful and thankful for the phone. After the oath a narrator begins speaking, a young pudgy boy sits and stares at the camera until the details of the free-kids plan are displayed.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Repeat after me: 
I'm a kid (I'm a kid), and now that we're with T-Mobile, I'm free so I will always answer calls from people paying the bills. I will not use the phone's camera capability to bring shame upon my family. Because I'm free I promise to keep things PG (13). Because I'm free, sometimes I'll call you just to say, "Hi." 
TMobile presents "Kids are free". For the first time ever, when you switch to any family plan. T-Mobile, the family network.

Written Text

T Mobile 
T-Mobile Presents "Kids are Free" until 2012 
Add up to 3 $0 lines to a T-Mobile Family Plan 
T Mobile, the family network 1-800-TMOBILE

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