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Find out why Pita Taufatofua chose winter sports, despite the lack of snow in Tonga, and his passion about climate change. His brilliant talent is enabling him to raise awareness for Tonga’s recent plight and give hope to people. #TeamSamsungGalaxy #Beijing2022 #Samsung

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I grew up in Tonga. We all have dreams. I'm sitting here talking about mine. There is not snow in Tonga. It hasn't been since the last ice age. So I chose cross country skiing because it made no sense. I did that very deliberately because I wanted to push myself to show others that they can push themselves.

The environment is something I'm very passionate about. In Tonga, we're slowly sinking. There's a climate change aspect to that. We've got one planet and we need to look after it. We 100% have to take the step forward. Life is meant to be a little bit squiggly. It's meant to be a little bit tough. I can 100% guarantee that through all that is where the reward is.

The Olympics isn't about the athlete. It's about different people from different nations competing, having that competition, but still having that respect for each other.

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United By Passion: Pita Taufatofua
Cross-Country Skiing / Climate Activist

We are Team Samsung Galaxy

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