BMW iX Commercial for Super Bowl LVI 2022 - Zeus & Hera | Big Game Ad


Zeus & Hera | BMW USA (Official Video)

Zeus (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his wife Hera (Salma Hayek) are retiring as Greek gods, so they head to Palm Springs, CA. He chills in the pool, has trouble with technology, takes care of his mini Pegasus (Peggie), golfs, and does other things retired people do. The problem is that people keep wanting him to use his powers to charge their electronic stuff. He threatens to leave, but Hera brings him home a new BMW

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Zeus: My fellow gods, the dark skies have spoken.
Hera: It is time for Zeus and I to retire.
Poseidon: But where will you go?
Neighbor: Sorry, Zeus. I need a charge on this. *zap* Thanks.
Hera: Sweetie, it's not rocket science. I'm heading out. Don't forget to take Peggie for a walk.
Golfer: Yo, Zeus. A little juice.
Zeus: That's it. I'm done with this place.
Hera: We'll see about that.
Hera: Everything okay out there, baby?
Zeus: Peggie, go for a little walk?
Hera: I figured you could use a little pick-me-up.
Zeus: All electric?
Hera: All electric.
The BMW iX, electricity in its ultimate form.


Oh no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
And then we'll take it higher

Written Text

Palm Springs, California
BMW, the ultimate electric driving machine

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It plays these songs...

Electric Avenue
performed by Eddy Grant

This Song is played in BMW iX Commercial for Super Bowl LVI 2022 - Zeus & Hera | Big Game Ad

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