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The commercial begins with a garage lighting up, and a two yellow robot arms comes to life. They move around a silver car, and open open its hood, and pour in a bottle of Pennzoil Ultra motor oil. They then show a comparison of pistons used with Pennzoil Ultra vs. a standard motor oil. The robots close the hood, and a driver revs the engine. As the camera's show a view from outside, we see that this was all happening in a normal residential neighborhood signifying that you can do this yourself.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Imagine if you could keep your engine as close as possible to factory clean. Introducing new Pennzoil Ultra, a revolutionary new synthetic oil that takes clean where it's never been before. Nothing feels like a factory clean engine, and nothing keeps you closer to factory clean than new Pennzoil Ultra motor oil

Written Text

Pennzoil Ultra 
Current Standard | Penzoil Ultra 
Not just oil, Pennzoil

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