The commercial begins with an overhead view of a forest (rain forest?) at dawn or dusk. As we enter the forest, a woman (Emily Didonato) is laying down with rain or dew running down her neck. As it starts to rain, she rubs the water on herself, and then starts to walk through the forest, stopping to rub a flower on her lips. There are several shots of the forest and her walking or running through it getting soaked with rain. In one scene she seductively opens her mouth to drink in the rain. We then see images of a rocky cliff along the ocean which the woman reaches after running through the woods. She runs and lays down in the ocean, and is shown smiling leaning on a rock at the end.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Acqua di Gioia, the new essence of joy. Giorgio Armani.

Written Text

Giorgio Armani 
Acqua di Gioia 
The new essence of joy

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