There are several quick shots of a woman at the beach, a young girl in the back seat of a car, some quick shots of a city, and then a man in a yellow moped driving down the street. A couple is shown switching seats on the side of a highway after getting directions from OnStar. Another man calls home to his daughter using the hands-free feature of OnStar, while a woman uses her laptop to send directions to her car. Another man gets in an accident and OnStar calls emergency services after noticing. Finally, there are Android apps that allow you to unlock your doors and more.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We need directions to go to Pearblossom Highway. It's just outside of Lancaster. Sure, I can download directions for you now. We got it. Thank you very much. OnStar ready. Call home. Hi daddy. I'm on my way. Send to car, and done. You have one saved destination. Dulun Beach. Would you like those directions now. Yes I would. Go North on Route One. Check it out. I can like see everything that's going on with the car. Here's the gas level. I can check on the oil. I can unlock it from anywhere. I received a signal there was a crash. Some guy just cut me off. I'll get an ambulance to you right away. Looks like our check engine light is on. Can you do a diagnostic check for me? Everything's on, oh, but you have a loose gas cap. Onstar, safely connecting you in ways you never thought possible.

Written Text

OnStar On*Star TravelOn (Travel On) TalkOn (Talk On) SendOn (Send On) LogOn (Log On) OnStar MyLink, Lock, Unlock, Remote Start, Cancel Start, Horn & Lights AlwaysOn (Always On) DriveOn (Drive On) TravelOn (Travel On) LiveOn (Live On)

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