"Clean Your Balls" / "Wash Your Balls" 
The commercial is filmed like an infomercial for a product that cleans sporting equipment like soccer balls and golf balls, however, we all know what type of balls they are really talking about. Because of this, it is quite a suggestive commercial suggesting that you should keep your balls clean so women will want to play with them. At the end, one woman passes another two golf balls which she rolls suggestively around in her hand.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So no one wants to play with dirty equipment, that's why you have to keep your balls clean. 
Well, how can guys clean their balls so that they're more enjoyable to play with? 
The Axe Detailer. It cleans your balls. This can make any ball sparkly and new. Go ahead and play with those clean balls Denise. 
What about my ball sack? 
The Axe Detailer - cleans your balls.

Written Text

Take care when using on sensitive areas 
Axe Shower Gel + Axe Detailer 
Get awesomely clean balls

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