The commercial begins with a pallet of bricks falling from the sky. A forklift comes to pick it up and load it into the back of a GMC Sierra pickup truck. It then shows someone connecting a chain up to the tow hook to pull another truck (a Dodge Ram) out of the mud. Next a huge trailer loaded with 16 metal tubes is shown, and the Sierra easily pulls it through the muddy construction site.

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It's capable of everything except taking a day off. The GMC Sierra, the truck that offers you over 400 horsepower (HP), over 1900 pounds (lbs) of payload, and up to 10700 pounds of towing. If you've got work to do, there's no better truck than the GMC Sierra. Now during GMC Truck Month, get 0% APR or cash back on any 2011 Sierra.

Written Text

3 Blockday 
17 Towingday 
30 Tubesday 
GMC Truck Month 
2011 Sierra

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