The commercial shows a little boy, always wearing a blue and white striped knit hat. We follow him through various normal daily activities - eating breakfast, going to school, playing T-ball, in music class, playing with his dog. He is shown in his bedroom sleeping, still with his striped hat on. The boy's mother opens the door and gently sneaks the hat off his head so she can wash it in the exclusive Kenmore Elite Steam Laundry washing machine. The commercial finishes showing the boy sitting next to a little girl on the school bus - wearing his "security blanket" hat of course.

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Sometimes a security blanket isn't a blanket at all. The exclusive Kenmore Elite Steam Laundry pair eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, removes odors and has a whitest whites cycle. It's not clean until it's Kenmore Steam Clean. Kenmore. Life running beautifully.

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Imaginary Girl
performed by The Silver Seas

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This Song is played in Kenmore Elite Washer and Dryer Commercial

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