The commercial begins with a block (cube) of ice sitting on a platform in a dark warehouse. Then a circle of light appears around the ice and it catches on fire as the announcer says, "Complete opposites (fire and ice) in complete harmony". As the show the silver Honda CR-X Sport Hybrid, the screen splits in half with the same car on top and bottom. They then show someone starting up the car and the stylish lighted interior including tachometer and selecting different buttons on the steering wheel. With the split screen, they show the sporty side of the car on the top and the fuel efficient side of the car on the bottom as it drives around the warehouse.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Complete opposites in complete harmony. Introducing the Sport Hybrid, the combination only Honda could engineer. The all new CRZ Sport Hybrid.

Written Text

Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid

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