The commercial begins with the Geico announcer asking the question, "Is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?" They then show a scene from a parody of the Antique Road Show. A woman brings in a decoration of a white maniquin hand holding a fake yellow bird (a bird in the hand). The expert estimates the value of this sculpture as "two in the bush".

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Could switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? Is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush? 
Well you rarely see them in this good of shape. For example, the fingers are perfect, the bird is in mint condition. I'd say if this were to go to auction today, conservatively, it would be worth 2 in the bush. 
It's just beautiful. Thank you so much for bringing it in. 
Geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.

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Traveling Appraiser 
Bird in the Hand: 
Worth at least two in the bush 

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